Not to toot my own horn, but it was true; I was looking pretty darn cute if I could say so myself. I blow-dried my hair and let it down into some loose waves and put on my finest dress I bought online. I wonder how Carmen was going to dress up.

Carmen Reamon was the girl I met at the nightclub. She’s been taking me out to so many different places and introducing me to so many cool people these past two months. She really did have a lot to offer and I was milking it for all that it was worth, sharing some of my invitations with Chap and Kristy.

Tonight we were going out to dinner to meet up with someone “special”. She made a big fuss about this person so I’m assuming it must be her boyfriend. This might sound rude to say, but I’m not expecting him to be much. Continue reading


2.1 Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

I took the pregnancy test after that night

with “him” and it tested negative. The thing

is, I feel pregnant and I’ve been gaining

weight like crazy and it didn’t matter

how much working out I did. It was a

relief to know it was negative though, because

I think me turning up pregnant out of no where

would ruin everything.

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Ch. 2.0 Mingling

“Oh what a lovely surprise,” exclaimed Sage sarcastically. She placed a firm hand on Bambi’s shoulder. “You came out on top again Bam. Aren’t you the most perfect child a mother can ask for.” She looked from Cannibal to Bernard, who were also there to hear the news. Miles was also present but didn’t want anything to do with the situation so he scooted over to the farthest end of the couch.

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Ch. 1.6 Bedlam ~heiress announced~

A comfortable, late night cuddle with Miles was put to a halt by an unexpected phone call from Albany. I haven’t heard from her since the wedding and I was quite disappointed, however, happy to be hearing from her now. Despite the time.

“Hey Aspen. How have you been? Sorry I haven’t been keeping in touch like I’m supposed to.” I could hear a quiver in her voice as if she’d been crying.

“It’s okay Albany. I’ve been great. I miss you sis.”

Albany gave a brief, weak chuckle then proceeded to speak. “I have something to tell you… wait no. I have something to show you. The phone wouldn’t be the best way to let you know.”

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Ch. 1.4 Grafting


v. graft•ed, graft•ing, grafts

  • To unite (a shoot or bud) with a growing plant by insertion or by placing in close contact.


     A month after Miles’ proposal, I slowly, but surely, started gaining weight. One morning I awoke to find my stomach round and firm. I am pregnant!

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Ch. 1.3 Herbal Essence

Sage warmed up to me fairly quickly. Soon enough, we were spending everyday together. On school days she would take the school bus straight to my home, and I volunteered to let Sage hang out with me when Miles had training or a big game.

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